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ООО Slavyane Wool Company

Our Company purchases, processes and sells sheep's wool and feathers and down for textile manufacturing. We have our own service network in Stavropol Krai, in the Republic of Kalmykia, in Rostov Oblast, Krasnodar Krai, and in the Republics of Karachay-Cherkassia and Dagestan. Our warehouses and wool/feather pre-treatment facilities are in the city of Nevinnomyssk.

We purchase up to 2,000 tons of sheep's wool and up to 300 tons of feather and down material annually.

The Company's main product range:
  • Merino wool
  • Semi-fine wool
  • Semi-coarse wool
  • Wool tow
  • Wool clip (hide-shorn)
  • Down-feather mix
  • Down category 1
  • Down category 2
  • Down category 3
  • Down waste
The Company spares no effort to ensure the quality of its products. We carry out additional material sorting and use the best packing materials. Our highly flexible pricing helps to expand our client base on the domestic market, and we cooperate with foreign partners.

The Company plans to increase its production volumes, modernize its technological processes, raise labor efficiency and build up its client base.

If you are interested in the activities and products of OOO Slavyane Wool Company, you are welcome to cooperate with us.

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