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Farmers in Russia have not been known for producing the best quality wool, but some do and we can source this wool for our clients at a competitive price, says Sergey Puzanov, Director of SlavWool.

SlavWool has been supplying Russian wool to customers in Europe and China for over five years.

SlavWool purchases up to 2,000 tons of sheep wool and up to 300 tons of feather and down material annually. The growth and success of the company is due to the effort we put into quality control and customer service, says Mr Puzanov. We work very closely with farmers and farm co-operatives in assisting them to grow good quality wool and ensuring that best practices are used.

The company is involved in all stages of wool production and wool processing as well as sheep shearing and research and development.

SlavWools main product range is Merino wool, Semi-fine wool, Semi-coarse wool, Wool tow, Wool clip (hide-shorn). The company also offers semi-finished wool products, such as tops and yarn.

The company has strategically based warehouses where the wool is delivered and sorted. Particular attention is paid to sorting wool, based on client requirement and the employment of the best packing materials.

SlavWool products are certified by independent international testing houses including SGS.

SlavWool is based in Stavropol Krai, within the Moscow Time Zone in the North Caucasus Region of southern Russia. The city of Stavropol, founded in 1777, is the administrative centre of the region and the hometown of Mikhail Gorbachev.

Sergey Puzanov WoolSlav Director

SlavWool also works closely with the expanding Russian textile industry and is open to approaches from foreign companies to work together with them in the Russian market.

The company already has partnerships with wool suppliers in New Zealand and Australia and has the ability to supply clients with New Zealand and Australian wool.

Quality products and the expertise of the people that work for us is our strength, says Mr Puzanov. The people that work for us are industry professionals who have been involved in wool manufacturing for the greater part of their working lives. Because of this we are able to answer customer demand quickly and professionally. We source the right wool for the clients particular purpose and this has always been the focus of our business.

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