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We are pleased to introduce the wool manufacturer OOO Sherstyanaya Kompaniya Slavyane, as a potential partner for you in the wool business, an industry full of challenges.

Our enterprise, Obshchestvo s Ogranichennoy Otvetstvennostyu (OOO) Sherstyanaya Kompaniya Slavyane, has been active in the wool market but a short time, having arrived on the scene a mere 5 years ago. Over that time, the company has emerged as a reliable and promising player - thanks, first and foremost, to its team of professionals, who have been involved in wool manufacturing for the greater part of their lives.

Our company's manufacturing activities cover all stages of production and processing of wool from the involvement in the process of sheep-shearing to laboratory research. In our business activities we rely on meshing with the "growers" of wool: farmers and farmer cooperatives. The company is in a position to manufacture semi-finished wool products, such as tops and yarn. The geography of our wool sales is gradually expanding. Today we supply wool not only to Russia-based consumers of wool, but export it to neighbouring countries and those farther afield. All our output is certified by the independent laboratory of the Livestock Farming Research Institute and the SGS international laboratory.

It is unfortunate that the textile industry in Russia, and not only in Russia, is going through a rough patch at the moment. That is why our company is looking to pool efforts, finding that the prospects for the wool market to develop along civilised rather than primitive lines hinge on cooperation with you first, and investment second. In this country we already have quite a few such success stories. In this context, we are putting a premium on the quality of wool as the main factor in improving its value. We propose to adopt the practices of such major players in wool manufacturing as Australia and New Zealand. This is all the more natural because our Australian colleagues, for instance, are prepared to meet us halfway and willing to share their know-how. And we are willing to do business with them, too.

As of 1st January 2008, OOO Sherstyanaya Kompaniya Slavyane is an official representative of the Austrex company (Australia), a major exporter of Australia's agricultural products. On the other hand, we think it would be a shame not to take advantage of the fairly extensive experience of our businessmen in Russia, with quite a few enthusiasts and just people who are committed to their work among them. It is their support that we hope to secure.

The situation in sheep farming in general and in the wool market in particular being what it is, we advise against looking for those to blame or justifying inaction by citing possible and impossible reasons. We suggest that we move forward, develop the industry, improve the quality and boost the output of superior products, and encourage healthy competition. And in so doing, raise the bar of expectations, even by a single notch, for the agricultural producers in Russia.

OOO Sherstyanaya Kompaniya Slavyane recommends that you, esteemed farmers, pay as much attention as possible to the quality of your wool to ensure higher profit margins for you when it is sold. This is the least we can do to help you. The most that we can achieve by following this roadmap together is to lay the groundwork for a great future for your and our children, a great future for Russia as a great agricultural producer.

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